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A collaboration with Madder Rose

A peninsula of marshland is held together by a sea wall and tentatively reclaimed from the Blackwater Estuary in Essex. This is an intertidal landscape where water seeps through mud undetected. Its ground plane breathes and appears to operate with its own logic but is at the same time intrinsically coupled to its setting, affording both a sense of freedom and one-ness on this vast, open sea-edge.


Each piece of clothing by Madder Rose is unique and made with the world around us in mind. Handmade from deadstock and vintage fabric, every item is resilient, hardy, and natural. Its linen is woven from flax, working with skin to mediate moisture and temperature, whilst also being ultimately returnable to the earth.


Just as this strange peninsula is land salvaged from the sea, so is this fabric saved from landfill – and both become something beautiful in these series of photographs. These photographs showcase the craft behind each article of clothing, both in its elegant assembly of material as well as in its connectedness to a wider environment. Taken on an impractically windy day, each photograph captures one moment in flux within an everchanging land.

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